50 Cent told MTV News he hasn’t been able to see his son, Marquis, 11, because of the continuing child custody case between him and his son’s mother Shaniqua Tompkins.

The two have been fighting in court over their son, and a mansion 50 owns that Tompkins lived in before it was burned down in May.

The rapper has made bold statements regarding his baby’s mother and the case, but also distressed over not being able to see his son.

“I’m not going through a custody battle; just a transition,” he told MTV News. “I’d like to be able to just see my baby.”

“In the summertime, for the first two years I was successful, my son has traveled with us on those tours,” 50 added. “He was on the Rock the Mic Tour, he was on the Anger Management Tour. This summer, when he’s free, it’s like, no communication. It’s tough.”

Tompkins has taken a restraining order out on the rapper and the conditions necessitate the rapper to stay away from Tompkins when she is out in public, to surrender any firearms he may have, and he only can pick up his son from a curb-side distance.

“My relationship with my son is changing because he and his mom aren’t friends anymore,” 50 said. “There’s different channels I have to go through. He has lawyers appointed to him through the court. So I have to talk to his lawyer to get things situated for me to actually get him.”

The next court date between 50 and Tompkins in their child custody dispute has not been set yet.