Can Web Content Service And Seo Co-exist

Web content service in general and content marketing in particular is slowly evolving in a way that could bring more excitement to creative teams. Google has, in recent times, implied that the future belongs to quality web content and design which will focus on user experience. These parameters will define top-ranking sites, perhaps even transcending those domains which follow all SEO rules to the tee. This could, however, estrange the relationship between the creators and the strategists or SEO. But a new survey finds a large number of brands wanting the two to come together and exist in harmony.

However, another study changes things completely: when asked which department should have absolute control over digital content, 43% of the marketers surveyed said they want a dedicated content development team to oversee what gets published. About 40% believe content should come under the purview of the overall market function, whereas a mere 14% said SEO should look after online marketing collaterals. These findings wont echo too well with everyone as at the end of the day, SEO content writing isn’t about search engines but also its creators, the writers and designers.

SEO isn’t dead; it just got a makeover

Everyone involved in digital marketing think it appropriate for web content developers to do all the dirty work or utilize their editorial skills, but SEO teams dont want to wash their hands completely of the entire ranking process. A staggering 80% of SEOs believe they ought to be working very closely with SEO content writers and the marketing team to see that all branded communication gets optimized for highest search visibility. Though very few agencies see content and SEO together, combining the two will prove more effective than making them work in isolation.

Digital marketing is still maturing, and marketers understand that. The principles or fundamentals are as crucial as emerging and new best practices. A recent report shows that marketers still believe in strong correlations between elementary SEO techniques such as including keywords in headlines, subheadings, Meta descriptions and body text and top rankings in SERPs. Simultaneously, they are more open to experimenting now than a year back. They acknowledge the fact that traditional approaches need to be sophisticated, evolved and varied to keep pace with changes. And web content services should reflect those amendments.

Web content writing isn’t keyword stuffing anymore

To make the most of the dynamic environment, companies are no longer wary of expanding their online marketing strategies to include new initiatives in their campaigns, like authorship metrics, user experience, social signals and structured data where SERP’s are concerned. They have understood that its wiser not to rely on a few proven techniques and find what works and what doesnt in their specific scenarios. SEO content writing has moved on from the good old days of appealing to search engine bots to people and how they interact with a video, graphic, illustration, blog post or article.

And those who think SEO is dead and that social deserves all the attention should get a reality check. True, social is contributing to the total volume of queries in a big way but companies would be wrong to assume that its doing that at the expense of search. SEO is and will be a driver of lead generation, especially for small publishers.

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